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Governance Lab

Design and Conduct Policy Research for
the Sustainable Development of Nepal
A Few Words About

Our Work

Governance Lab (GovLab), an initiative of Daayitwa Abhiyaan, is a platform to bring together experienced researchers, policy makers and other partners for sustainable development of Nepal.

The mission of GovLab is to create an ecosystem which influences research driven national policy, by conducting policy research, facilitating dialogues among various stake holders and sharing knowledge. GovLab also strives to be a platform for policy making researcher to exchange ideas and advocate for evidence based policy making in Nepal. 

Our Publications

Preparing for Nepal’s upcoming flood season and Covid-19

Survey of Nepali government officials gives insight to why and how local governments should receive more funding to manage the twin problems of floods and Covid-19.

Design and Conduct Policy Research 

for the 

Sustainable Development 

of Nepal


We want to create an ecosystem for policy researchers to share, learn and grow together. To be a part of our circle, leave your details below!


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